Cameron University earns national ranking for small public colleges with least average debt per borrower

Cameron University has been listed among the top 100 small public colleges with the least average debt per borrower, ranking #18 in the nation. The listing was compiled by LendEDU, which utilized Class of 2016 data that was reported by each university. Schools were filtered based on the number of graduates, and only schools with fewer than 800 graduates in the Class of 2016 were considered “small.”

“Providing an exceptional education to our students is our primary goal – one that is enhanced by making that education affordable so that students can graduate with as little debt as possible,” says John McArthur, President. “Cameron’s ranking in the top 20 nationally is evidence that our efforts are successful and have not gone unnoticed.”

The listing also indicates what percentage of a subset of students graduated with debt – specifically, undergraduates who started at Cameron as first-time students and received a bachelor’s degree. For Cameron’s Class of 2016, only 37 percent of this subset graduated with debt – the third lowest percentage for institutions on the list.

According to LendEDU, “Students who choose a smaller school are granted smaller classroom sizes which are often accompanied by closer, more personal relationships with their professors, something invaluable that students at larger universities miss out on.”

“That description certainly fits Cameron University,” says McArthur. “Our current student-to-faculty ratio of 20 to 1 allows CU students to benefit from one-on-one attention from their professors as they work toward completing a degree.”

The website also indicates that students can enjoy the college experience and graduate in a much more financially sound position compared to graduates from larger, more expensive schools.

“One of the greatest challenges we face at Cameron – like other public institutions – is keeping the cost of a quality college degree affordable so that our students can graduate with as little debt as possible,” McArthur says. “Scholarships play a significant role in keeping college affordable, and we are fortunate that community members throughout southwest Oklahoma support our scholarship efforts by donating to the Cameron University Foundation.”



February 15, 2018