High school seniors encouraged to apply for Cameron University’s prestigious PLUS scholarship program by February 1

Applications are now being welcomed for the 2018 incoming freshmen Presidential Leaders and University Scholars (PLUS) scholarship at Cameron University.  The PLUS scholarship is a highly selective and competitive scholarship awarded to outstanding high school seniors (four year scholarship) and junior transfer students (two year scholarship) who are residents of Oklahoma and who have excelled in the areas of academics, leadership, involvement and community service.  The application deadline for incoming freshmen applicants (current high school seniors) is 11:59 P.M. February 1, 2018.  Junior transfer students may apply until July 1. Scholarship applications must be submitted online at  http://www.cameron.edu/financial_aid/gen_scholarship_app.

“The PLUS program did so many things for me,” says Kelsee Kephart, 2017 PLUS gradate who is now a first year law student. “It pushed me to my greatest potential, kept me on my toes and accountable, taught me how to cultivate and use my leadership skills and the responsibilities that come along with that, but most importantly,  it gave me another family. Undergrad is hard and pushes you to your limits. It also teaches you a lot about who you are and who you want to be. I am so thankful that I had my PLUS family to help challenge and support me along the way. I am proud to be able to say that I am an alum of such an outstanding network of scholars.”

Cameron's PLUS scholarship, one of the university’s most prestigious scholarships, is valued at over $30,000. Students are responsible for fees, books, and a meal plan.  The PLUS program offers substantial financial support and guides students through an intensive leadership development program aimed at shaping tomorrow's leaders.

Current PLUS scholars Jared Tahah and Edward Muniz praise numerous aspects of the program.

“The people involved with PLUS are excellent contacts to know,” says Muniz, a junior communications major. “I grew as a leader because I utilized those people to help me in the areas that I was weak in, and now I consider them friends that I can go to for any kind of help. It’s hard to find quality mentors and friends, but PLUS knows how to pick them.”

Tahah, a senior accounting major, says, “The PLUS program has made it very easy for me to be connected on campus. I have been able to create great relationships with other students, faculty, and staff due to this program.”

The incoming freshmen PLUS scholarship is a four-year program. For incoming scholars during the 2018-2019 academic year, the scholarship will provide recipients with a full tuition waiver for up to 18 hours per semester, a double room waiver (meaning half the cost of a shared room is paid), an $800 first-year stipend and a $500 fourth-year stipend.  Students who continue to meet the GPA and activity requirements each semester will keep the scholarship up to a maximum of four consecutive academic years.

To be considered for the PLUS scholarship, an applicant must be a resident of Oklahoma, have an unweighted minimum high school GPA of 3.0, have achieved an ACT composite score of at least 24, and must demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities in supporting documents. 

Eligible students must first apply for and be admitted to Cameron University.  Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible and to be sure they submit all required documents to ensure quick admission.  Once accepted to Cameron University, the online General Scholarship application must be completed.  For PLUS scholars, they will need to submit the following at the time they complete the scholarship application:  (1) high school transcript, (2) ACT/SAT scores, (3) any college transcripts (for concurrent work), (4) a resume detailing extracurricular activities, leadership positions held, and any honors received during high school, (5) a one-page typed essay describing the student’s most meaningful leadership experience and how it will help contribute to the PLUS program at Cameron, and (6) three reference letters (one from a counselor or principal, one from a teacher, one from someone who can detail the applicant’s leadership potential or experience).

After applications are submitted, a committee will review the applications and select students for interviews. Following the interviews, the committee will recommend approximately 25 students to receive the scholarship.

For more information about applying for the PLUS scholarship, call (580) 581-2284, or visit the PLUS website at www.cameron.edu/plus.



January 17, 2018