Artwork by Cameron University student Sarah Enoch to be exhibited in CU Sciences Complex

Cameron University will showcase the work of senior art major Sarah Enoch with a special exhibition in the Sciences Complex. A painter and printmaker, Enoch will present a gallery talk at 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 11, to introduce the exhibition. The exhibit will feature 22 works created in a variety of media, including oil paintings, watercolor paintings, linocut prints and drypoints.

“No mattwatercolor titled Sleeper the media, I thrive on the chance to insert a part of myself into the story,” Enoch says. “I find myself consistently drawn to nature and the human form. I feel the reaction between the two lends itself to endless possibilities, many of which I’ve yet to access in my practice. I have learned across painting, printmaking and sculpture that a piece of art takes on its own personality, and the honest reaction between myself and the work is what creates art that’s worth sharing. I strive to build a body of work that connects with others in this way.”

A native of Duncan, Enoch mixes traditional techniques and ideas with experimental process and media to create striking, emotionally charged paintings and original prints.  Her current work focuses on personal emotional and mental growth, and is largely autobiographical. Enoch uses her time in the studio to better know her chosen media and steadily grow her body of work. She takes part in sharing her art through juried exhibitions across the country, as well as digital and print publications.