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Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) degree is a dynamic online program designed to prepare men and women to be leaders in military, governmental, entrepreneurial, and corporate ventures, as well as for further graduate study.

The program objectives are to provide common bodies of knowledge at an advanced level regarding:

  • Organizational behavior
  • Leadership and knowledge management
  • Training and development and human resource issues within organizations
  • Strategic knowledge and change management
  • Synthesis and communication of information gleaned from data sets for decision making purposes
  • Global policies and strategies

A minimum of 33 semester credit hours in approved graduate-level courses is required for the degree.

Part I – Core Classes (18 Hours)

MGMT 5703 Organizational Behavior

ORGL 5713 Leadership and Knowledge Management

MGMT 5723 Training & Development and Human Resources in the Organization

ORGL 5733 Strategic Knowledge and Change Management

ORGL 5743 Data-driven decision-making

MGMT 5803 Global Policy and Strategy

Part II – Electives/Concentration (12 Hours)

All elective graduate courses must be approved.

Part III – Capstone Experience: Research Paper Non-Thesis Option (3 Hours) or Thesis Option (6 Hours)

The student may pursue either of the following options:

ORGL 5893 Master’s Project/Research Paper

Students who choose the non-thesis option will be required to pass a written comprehensive exam administered by the Department of Business.


ORGL 5991-6 Thesis

Students who choose the thesis option will not be required to complete the written comprehensive exam administered by the Department of Business.