Q1. Can I back in a parking space?
The safest way to park is so that you have to back out of a space.

Q2. Can I park in a non-marked space?
All vehicles must park in a lined or marked space.  Parking along curbs or at the end of rows is not permitted. (Note: Motorcycles may be parked in the hash marked spaces at the end of rows, this does not include cross walks or hashed areas adjacent to ADA parking spaces.)

Q3. Can I park in a reserved space?
Blue-lined spaces are reserved for faculty and staff from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays.  Reserved parking is not enforced from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. or on weekends or holidays.

Q4. What is the "visitor/timed" parking?
Yellow-lined spaces and areas with Visitor or Timed signage indicate "Timed" or "Visitor" parking.  Students, faculty and staff may not park in areas marked "Visitors".  These restrictions do not apply between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. or on weekends or holidays.

Q5. Is there any "open" parking?
Students, faculty and staff are permitted to park in spaces marked by white lines.

Q6. Is the parking permit fee included in my tuition payment?
No. It must be requested and is a separate fee.

Q7. I am enrolled but haven't paid my tuition.  Can I still get a parking permit?
Sure, just bring your vehicle information and fee to the One Stop.

Q8. What happens if my permit has been lost, stolen or damaged?
Contact the Office of Public Safety, South Shepler Room 108, to report a lost or stolen permit.  Present your damaged student permit to the One Stop, permits damaged due to age or conditions, but not negligence, will be replaced. 

Q9. I bought a new car and don't have a permanent tag.  Can I still get a permit?
You can still get a permit by using the temporary (paper) license plate. When you obtain the permanent plate(s), notify One Stop of your new number immediately.

Q10. Can I purchase an additional permit for my other car?
Yes, you may purchase multiple permits. You can pay for them at the One Stop in the MCC Building.

Each permit costs:
Fall - $50.00 (Valid for 12 months)
Spring - $30.00 (Valid for 7 months)
Summer - $10.00 (Valid for 2 months)

Q11. What are the most common parking violations?

The three most common parking violations are:
1. Parking without a permit.
2. Invalid or expired permit.
3. Parking in reserved spaces. .

Q12. Where do I pay for a ticket?
You can pay for a Cameron University ticket at the One Stop in the McMahon Centennial Complex. They accept cash, credit or checks.

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Cameron University Office of Public Safety
2800 West Gore Blvd.
South Shepler, Room 108
Phone: (580) 581-2237
Fax: (580) 581-5556
Emergency: (580) 581-2911
e-mail: public_safety@cameron.edu