Office of Public Safety - Services


Use of the following services can save you MONEY !!! Over the past five years, our officers have saved the Cameron community more than $50,000.


The Cameron University Office of Public Safety offers several services free of charge to the people of the Cameron community.  Some of these are emergency services and some of them are courtesy services.  Any of these can be requested by calling x2911 from any campus phone, or 580-581-2911 from any other phone.

List of Services

Emergency Services

In the event of an emergency on campus, call x2911 or 580-581-2911 and tell the officer about the emergency.

Our officers also investigate traffic accidents and prepare reports.  If you have an accident on campus,
please notify our office so that we can make a report.  

Courtesy Services

The Office of Public Safety also provides these services:

  • Unlocking of offices and facilities when requested.
  • Delivering emergency messages if possible. 
  • Issuing temporary parking permits. 
  • Providing engraving tools for marking property. 
  • Lost and Found Center.

The following services require a liability release:

  • Unlocking vehicles
  • Jump starting dead batteries.

Do you tend to leave your headlights on while on campus? If so, call 580-581-2911 and we can help you.

CETES Conference Center with white flowers

Cameron University Office of Public Safety
2800 West Gore Blvd.
South Shepler, Room 108
Phone: (580) 581-2237
Fax: (580) 581-5556
Emergency: (580) 581-2911