Registering Already Recognized Organizations

Students registering an organization

After an organization has gone through the recognition process, they must re-register with the Student Activities Office at the beginning of each school year (Spring registration is primarily to serve as an update of the Fall registration).

Steps for Re-registration:

  1. Complete an organization registration form and send it back to the Student Activities Office.

  2. Deadlines for filing registration forms are three weeks from the first day of classes. Failure to meet this deadline is cause for probation; failure to comply within two semesters is cause for suspension. Fines up to $150 per violation may also be assessed.

  3. A current membership roster must be on file in the Student Activities Office with each Fall registration. Student ID numbers must accompany roster.

  4. A current list of officers' names, addresses and phone numbers must be on file in the Office of Student Activities.  Officers' transcripts will be checked to assure compliance with rules set forth in the Student Handbook.

  5. Any changes of officers or advisor should be reported in written form to the Student Activities Office within 10 days of the change (s). The same is true of all constitutional changes, which are subject to approval by the SSC.

  6. Advisors must indicate that your organization's funds have been reviewed and are in good order by signing the statement included on the registration form.

  7. The President and/or Vice President, of the organization, with advisor, should meet annually with the Director of Student Activities to review and evaluate activities of the past year and those planned for the upcoming year. This meeting can take place in conjunction with the mandatory Student Organization Orientation Meeting, or by appointment.

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