Organization Resources

Networking Opportunities

The Student Activities Office offers the following opportunities for organization leaders to get get together casually and network

  • Student Organization Orientation sessions to update club and organization officers on campus policies and procedures.

  • Various times each semester, the office hosts Student Organization roundtables.
  • Two Organization Fairs are offered each year for students to network with other organizations and advertise themselves to the rest of campus.

Educational Opportunities

The Student Organization Handbook contains all the the University's Policies and Procedures for Student Organizations. Click here to view the handbook.

The Student Activities Office has also created the following handouts to help you better lead your student organization:

  • Working a Browsing Fair

For more information, contact Leslie Cothren, 581-2217

Helpful Contacts

The following contact information may be helpful for student organizations:

  • Student Activities Office
    • 581-2217
  • Events Management
    • 581-2291
  • Sodexho/Dining Services/Catering
    • 581-2385
  • Information Technology
    • 581-2454
  • Physical Facilities
    • 581-2415
  • Printing Services
    • 581-2459
  • Public Safety
    • 581-2237
  • Student Government
    • 581-2444
  • Student Housing
    • 581-2392

Students in a meeting

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