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What is PAC?

PAC (Programming Activities Council) is the official student programming board of Cameron University. The group is led by two peer-elected students who direct the rest of the student members in creating events for the students of Cameron. Eight students are chosen to coordinate the events and the rest of the general members assist them. We host popular events on campus such as Welcome Week, movie nights, weekly activities, Grocery Bingo, Homecoming, and more!

Becoming involved in PACtivities is easy. Simply sign up at one of our information booths or attend one of our bi-weekly meetings, Mondays at 6:15pm in the Buddy Green Room on the 2nd floor of the MCC.

Want more information about our organization or our events? Call us at 581-2217 or email us at

The 2016/2017 PAC Board is:

- President:  Jacob Jardel
- Vice President: Alexandra Kolinski
- Council: Kylie Erricson, Taegan Gatlin, Sherina Owens, Mikal Tate, Deven Murff, Jacob Jardel, Tamires dos Santos Barbosa, Geoff Hogan, and Kinley Fehring.

2016/2017 PAC Board

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