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Faculty & Staff Webpages


Adams, Steven, Assistant Professor of Communication

Aguilar, Don, B.H. and Flora Brewer Endowed Associate Professor in Instructional Technology

Ahmed, Syed, Professor of Economics and Bill W. Burgess, Jr. Business Research Center Director

Argyros, Ioannis, Professor of Mathematics

Bausch, Robert, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology

Bryan, Clinton, Associate Professor of Physical Science

Buckley, Gary, Professor of Physical Sciences

Burgess, Sylvia, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Catterall, Doug, Associate Professor of History

Clyburn, Rick, Computer Analyst/Programmer

Corriette, Irene, Instructor of Mathematical Sciences

Crawford, Suzanne, Professor of History and Government

Diaz-Gomez, Pedro, Instructor of Computing and Technology

Dodd, Jerrold L (pdf), Professor of Agriculture

Duncan, Greg, UNIX System Administrator

Dzindolet, Mary, Chair and Professor of Psychology

Estep, Mike, Assistant Professor of Computing and Technology

Flowers, Velton, Advisement Specialist

Frisby, Dennis, Associate Professor of Biology

Gaines, Ron, Assistant Professor of Biology

Godwin, Felicia, Instructor of English

Gregory, Margot, Academic Computer Lab Supervisor

Hardin, Karen, Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership

Heflin, James, Associate Professor of Communication

Hill, Susan, Secretary - Foreign Languages

Hodgson, John, Assistant Professor of English

Honeycutt, Brenda, Instructor of Foreign Languages

Hooley, Ellis, Assistant Director, Center for Writers

Janda, Lance, Chair/Associate Professor of History and Government

Janda, Sarah Eppler, Assistant Professor of History and Government

Jenkins, Matt, Professor of Communication

Jerez, Ricardo, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Johari, Abbas, Professor of Computing and Technology

Kingsley, Margery, Chair and Professor of English and Foreign Languages

Kinslow, Carolyn, Director of the Writing Center

Klein, Scott Richard, Chair of Theatre Arts

Kowaluk, Gary, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Sociology

Labé, Thomas, Associate Professor of Music

Lambert, James, Chair/Professor of Music

Liontas-Warren, Katherine, Professor in Art

Lubrano, Teresa, Chair of Foreign Languages

McClure, Kelly, Assistant Professor of Education

McMillan, Edna, Chair of the Art Department

Miller, Sylvia, Associate Professor of Business

Moinian, Feridoon, Associate Professor of Computing and Technology

Morris, John, Professor of English

Nalley, Ann, Professor of Physical Science

Oty, Karla, Director of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accountability

Penick, Mary, Assistant Professor of Computing and Technology

Polson, Mark, Instructor of Physical Sciences

Price, Ron, Associate Professor of Communication

Prichard, Charles, Professor Emeritus

Restivo, Lisa, Distance Learning Coordinator

Russell, Tom, Associate Professor Emeritus of Computing and Technology

Santiago-Monserrate, Misael, Instructor of Foreign Languages

Schmall, Norma, Department Secretary for Communication

Smith, David, Instructor of Computing and Technology

Smith, Michelle, Associate Professor of Education

Sukar, Abdulhamid, Professor of Business

Underwood, Kirsten, Assistant Professor of Music

Underwood, Von, Dean of Liberal Arts and Professor of English

Vitense, Keith, Professor of Physical Science

Walton, Justin, Assistant Professor of Communication

Whang, Hyunsoon, Professor of Music

Wright-Smith, Linda, Associate Professor of Computing and Technology

Young, Sherry, Director of Library Services

Yuyuenyongwatana, Robert, Professor of Business

Zhao, Chao, Assistant Professor of Computing and Technology


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