Constitution & Bylaws

Cameron University

Human Resource Management Society

Constitution and Bylaws


Article I – Name

  1. A.   The name of this organization shall be the Cameron University Human Resource Management Society.
  2. B.   The Cameron University Human Resource Management Society Association, hereinafter referred to as the Chapter, shall be affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management, hereinafter referred to as SHRM.

Article II – Objectives

  1. To provide an organization that increases the knowledge of the Human Resource field and how it relates to all areas of business.
  2. Help students at the Cameron University learn about the field of human resource management.
  3. Enhance the students at Cameron University effectiveness in their work, particularly if they intend to pursue a career focused on human resource management.
  4. To encourage adherence to the Code of Ethics of the Society of Human Resource Management.

To achieve these objectives, there shall be no discrimination in individual membership or chapter affiliations because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Age or National Origin.

Article III – Membership

Any faculty/staff at Cameron University and any student enrolled in classes at Cameron University may become a member of this chapter. Equal membership privileges will be given to all members of this organization.

Section 1. Application for membership shall be made through the chapter. Annual and semester dues shall be payable upon joining the chapter. Student members of the chapter who pay annual dues to the National SHRM shall be designated as student members of SHRM.

Section 2. A member in Good Standing: A member in good standing shall be a member who has paid dues and has been in attendance in at least two (2) meetings per semester, and maintains an overall 2.0 grade average. Only members in Good Standing are designated as Voting Members.

Section 3. Faculty Advisors: Two members of the faculty of the School of Business of the Cameron University will be advisors to guide the activities of the Chapter. At least one sponsor must be present at each function held by the Chapter.

Article IV – Meetings of Members

Section 1. Each semester, the Chapter will designate the week day and time for regular chapter meetings. Regular meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester on a scheduled application.

Section 2. Notice of the time and place of called meetings shall be served not less than seven (7) or more than fourteen (14) days before the meeting and posted in conspicuous places.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called whenever and at whatever place the Board of Directors determines.

Section 4. A Quorum for the organization will be constituted of fifty percent of voting members plus one. Such a quorum may, by majority vote of the members present, transact any business which may properly be brought before the meeting, except as otherwise indicated in these Bylaws.

Section 5. At all meetings of the members, the President, or if absent, the Vice President shall preside as Chairperson. In the absence of said officers, the Chairperson shall be elected by a majority of the members present.

Section 6. Every regular member of the Chapter in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on any member of the Chapter’s business to be acted upon by vote of the membership.

Article V – Senior Merit Medal Requirements

Section 1. Must be a member of the CU SHRM.

Section 2. Must be a graduating senior for the semester.

Section 3. Do one or more of the following, be a SHRM member, attend 3 meetings in the current semester, or attend two (2) meetings and one (1) work visit.

Section 4. Members must turn in the application to whoever is appointed by the due date

Section 5. The medals will be given out at the last meeting of each semester.

Article VI – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Executive Vice President, VP of Finance, VP or Merit Award, VP of Membership and Public Relations, Student Government Associate Representative, the Webmaster and Faculty Advisors.

Article VII – Officers

Section 1. One of the Vice Presidents will be designated as the Executive Vice President each semester.

Section 2. All officers shall be elected in April of each year, and server until the April elections of the following year.

Section 3. All officers must maintain an overall 2.5 grade point average or better. No officer shall serve while on probation at CU.

Section 4. All officers shall be nominated from the floor, and elected by a show of hands. The candidate receiving a plurality of all votes cast shall be elected. Voting by proxy is not permitted.

Section 5. All elected officers shall be expected to hold their office and faithfully discharge its duties until the end of their term-of-office. However, in the event that an officer is unable to complete his/her term in office, a new election shall be held to fill that office as is conveniently possible for the Chapter.

Section 6. In the event of immediate need of a board member the faculty advisor may appoint someone for one semester.

Article VIII – Duties of the Officers

Section 1. President

  • Serves as chief executive officer of the chapter
  • Responsible for all of the other officers are keeping up with their responsibilities
  • Schedules speakers and meeting rooms
  • Calls executive meetings as needed
  • Works closely with the chapter advisor and the Executive VP in coordinating projects
  • Is the liaison between the national organization and the student charter
  • Oversees the fulfillment of the Student Chapter Merit Award application process
  • Submits Officer Update forms to Campus Life at the beginning of each semester

Section 2. Executive VP

  • Takes the president’s place in the event of the absence at chapter meetings.
  • Takes an active part in all or most projects
  • Arranges chapter visits to local companies
  • Works closely with the chapter advisor and the President in coordinating projects.

Section 3. VP of Merit Award

  • Oversees the fulfillment of the Student Chapter Merit Award application process
  • Keeps records (except financial) of all chapter projects and their outcomes
  • Documents each and every activity in the SHRM application booklet
  • Keeps records of the proceedings at all chapter meetings and executive meetings.

Section 4. VP of Finance (Treasurer)

  • Responsible for the financial affairs of the chapter
  • Makes the deposits in the Bursars Office
  • Prepares the annual budget and special budget requests (for studying government, sponsoring chapter, etc.)
  • Maintains chapter funds and submits requests for reimbursement, etc.
  • Represents our organization by attending weekly student government (CUSA) meetings.
  • Keeps club information of university activities and announcements.

Section 5. VP of Membership and Public Relations (Secretary)

  • Actively solicits new members throughout the year
  • Tracks membership renewals
  • Updates membership directory
  • Coordinates internships, mentorships and job shadowing programs and ensures that every interested member has the opportunity to participate in them.
  • Keeps documentation of internships, mentorships and job shadowing participation
  • Ensures communication with HR Society alumni
  • Coordinates chapter newsletter
  • Obtains proper university approval and post flyers to increase attendance at our meetings
  • Posts notices of meetings/events after receiving Campus Life approval
  • Responsible for developing posters, flyers, handouts, etc. advertising our organization and our activities

Section 6. SGA Representative

  • Responsible for regularly attending Cameron University Student Government Association.
  • Must report minutes of SGA meeting at SHRM meetings

Section 7. Webmaster

  • Maintains chapter website
  • Upload club pictures for members to see
  • Make any form given out is available on the website
  • Posts all information relating to chapter activities, etc

Article IX – Parliamentary Procedure

Section 1. All parliamentary procedures shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, unless otherwise specified.

Section 2. The Chapter expressly agrees to abide by the rules and regulations concerning organizations as stated in the Student Handbook.

Article X – Membership Dues

Dues shall be $10.00 per semester, or $15.00 per academic year.

Article XI – Constitutional Changes

Section 1. All proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws will be presented to the membership in a regular meeting and publicized for at least two (2) weeks before the vote is taken.

Section 2. An amendment must receive a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those members present.

Section 3. The amendment must be submitted in writing and approved by the Dean of Students before becoming effective.

Section 4. The Board of Directors by a majority of two-thirds (2/3) votes and Faculty Advisor approval can evoke, change or delete a rule through the end of the current semester.