Student Services Committee

The Student Services Committee acts as an advisory and recommending body to the Dean of Students.  The committee

(1) formulates recommendations for student policy;

(2) review and interprets existing student policies;

(3) coordinates with secondary committees under its jurisdiction (Financial Assistance, Lectures and Concerts, and Publications), and

(4) serves as an appeals body on student matters of a non-academic nature and makes recommendations to the Dean of Students.

2015-2016 Minutes

SSC-Meeting-Minutes-October-26-2015.pdf SSC-Meeting-Minutes-October-26-2015.pdf
SAFAC-Meeting-Minutes-3-9-16.pdf SAFAC-Meeting-Minutes-3-9-16.pdf
SAFAC-Meeting-Minutes-2-23-16.pdf SAFAC-Meeting-Minutes-2-23-16.pdf
SAFAC-Meeting-Minutes-3-1-16.pdf SAFAC-Meeting-Minutes-3-1-16.pdf


Faculty: One elected by and from the Faculty Senate; two elected at large by the Faculty.

Students: Five appointed by the Student Government Association President.

Administrators: One appointed by the Dean of Students (non-voting).