2014 Tours


United Kingdom - France - Czech Republic

March 13-22, 2014

CU Abroad - United Kingdom, France and The Czech RepublicIntended to be a study of the nature of science as a way of knowing, the historical development of science as a discipline, and the history of scientific study of diversity, evolution, and inheritance.  This course will provide a unique opportunity to study the history of biology and the roles played in that history by the world’s great European museums in the actual settings where most of the development occurred in the 18th and 19th centuries. Visits include major natural history museums, botanical gardens, zoological gardens, and scientifically important historical sites in London, Paris, and Brno. 


  • British Museum of Natural History
  • Down House where Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species
  • Abbey of St. Thomas where Mendel worked out the basics of classical genetics in his pea garden

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Experiencing London Through the Enlightenment

United Kingdom

March 13-22, 2014

CU Abroad - LondonThis exciting course will explore the fresh emphasis that Enlightenment thinkers and writers placed on learning, the exploration of nature, and a new and daring critique of the societies in which they lived. The Scientific Revolution, social activism, the monarchy, and the rise of republicanism, will be examined in light of contemporary thought and social currents. From the dusty rooms of Newton’s Cambridge to the salons of eighteenth-century London, Enlightenment ideas spread throughout Europe and across the Atlantic.


  • Tower of London and Westminster Abbey
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral and Parliament
  • Stonehenge and lectures by British faculty or experts