Enrollment Management and Student Success


  1. Data from processed applications submitted to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education will be accurate.
  2. Students who have been admitted on transfer probation will understand the necessary requirements to achieve good academic standing.
  3. Students will have their applications for scholarships administered through the Admissions Office processed accurately.
  4. Student will be satisfied with the service provided by Admissions personnel. 

Aggie Rec Center

  1. Individuals using the Aggie Rec Center will have a positive experience in a safe and friendly environment.
  2. Individuals will develop skills that are part of a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Individuals will be aware of the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
  4. Individuals will increase their connection to others through use of the facilities.
  5. Students, faculty, staff, and community members will utilize the Aggie Rec Center. 

Campus Life

  1. Students who participate in Office of Campus Life programs will connect to Cameron University.
  2. Students who participate in Greek Life will develop a commitment to social excellence.
  3. Student who participate in student government will understand the importance of shared governance.
  4. Students who hold leadership roles in Campus Life-supported organizations and activities will develop leadership skills. 
  5. Students who participate in community service will understand the importance of volunteering in the community and the diverse makeup of the community.

Career Services

  1. Students who participate in a career assessment inventory will narrow down a career choice or academic major. 
  2. Students and alumni who have registered with the online job search service will use the system to view jobs. 
  3. Students and alumni who register with OptimalResume, the online resume writing tool offered through Career Services, will create a resume using the site.
  4. Job seekers who attend a career fair will act professionally.
  5. Students will prepare a professional resume appropriate for their career field.
  6. Students will be satisfied overall with their visit to Career Services.
  7. Students will increase their knowledge of Career Services topics.

Prospective Student Services

  1. Prospective students will start the application to Cameron University. Prospective students are defined as high school concurrent students, first time freshman (FTF), and transfer students.
  2. Prospective students will complete an application for Cameron University
  3. Prospective students will apply and enroll at Cameron University.
  4. Prospective students will be satisfied with services rendered.
  5. Community partners (i.e. high school counselors, principals, superintendents) will be satisfied with services received from Cameron University.

Student Development

  1. Participants who attend a Disability Awareness Event are more informed about disability services and resources available on campus and in the community.
  2. Participants who attend a CU Succeed workshop are more prepared for success at Cameron. 
  3. Participants in suicide prevention training will indicate an increase in their knowledge of the warning signs of suicide.
  4. Students who receive a sanction for violating the Code of Student Conduct through the Office of Student Development will not receive another sanction for a Code violation through the Office of Student Development during the same academic year. 
  5. Participants who attend the Diversity Celebration will indicate an increase in their understanding of diversity. 
  6. Cameron University students will have frequent interactions with peers who are of different racial or ethnic backgrounds. 
  7. Each student who participates in the Diversity Diplomat student organization will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of current issues in diversity.  
  8. Participants who attend the Diversity Leadership Summit will indicate the event stimulated their understanding of diversity and leadership.

Student Housing

  1. Residents will participate in programs sponsored by Student Housing.
  2. Residents will feel safe in all housing facilities.
  3. Residents who are required to go through the judicial process will modify their behavior based on feedback. 
  4. Residents will be satisfied with housing facilities.
  5. Students will choose to live on campus.
  6. Two floors (one male and one female) are reserved as an option for our first time freshmen to live on. Freshman residents who live on these floors for at least the fall semester will enroll at Cameron during the following fall semester. 
  7. Students will be satisfied with programs offered through student housing.
  8. Students will understand the material presented in educational programs.
  9. Residents who live on the freshman floor will return to campus housing the following fall.

Wellness Center

  1. Students who participate in counseling will demonstrate improvement in their symptoms at the end of treatment.
  2. Students who participate in counseling will be satisfied with the services they are provided.
  3. Students who receive medical services will be satisfied with the services provided.