Enrollment Management


  1. Data from processed applications submitted to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education will be accurate.
  2. Students who have been admitted on transfer probation will understand the necessary requirements to achieve good academic standing.
  3. First time freshmen students who have been out of high school for 2 years and transfer students with less than 15 semester hours will attend orientation and understand the academic and support resources available at Cameron University.
  4. Students will have their applications for scholarships administered through the Admissions Office processed accurately.
  5. Student will be satisfied with the service provided by Admissions personnel. 

Prospective Student Services

  1. First time freshman who graduated high school within the last year, perusing a degree,who have been contacted by an Admission Counselor will enroll at Cameron University.
  2. Aggie Ambassadors will communicate effectively and accurately.
  3. Prospective transfer students contacted by an Admissions Counselor will enroll at Cameron University.
  4. First time graduates who have been contacted by the Graduate Admissions Coordinator will enroll at Cameron University.

Public Affairs

  1. Regional news media outlets will run accurate and positive news stories about Cameron University's events, activities and people based on information generated by the Public Affairs office.  
  2. Users of Cameron University's website will receive current and accurate content.  
  3. Clients will be satisfied with promotional materials that are created by the Office of Public Affairs.  

The Testing Center

  1. Constituents in contact with the Testing Center will receive accurate and complete information regarding available tests, rationale for test selection, and/or testing procedures.  
  2. Students taking computerized placement tests will understand the implications of their test scores.   
  3. Cameron University faculty and staff will understand the computerized placement testing procedures, student options based on test results, and resources relating to other available testing services.   
  4. Constituents will be served in an efficient and courteous manner.