TRiO Day OK City 2006

TRiO day is the organizational day for all Oklahoma state TRiO programs. These programs include, but are not limited to: Student Support Services, McNair Scholars, Upward Bound, and Open Doors. TRiO day was held in Oklahoma City on February 22, 2006 at the state capital building.  Students were exposed to testimonials of participants that are members of the various TRiO programs along with distinguished guests and speakers.


Trio Day SSS and MN group

Front Row (Left to Right):  Sylena Howell, Stephanie Johnson, Katherine Wilcox, Kristina Ryland, Michelle Churchwell, and Annette Mayville
Second Row:  Leigh Shelton, Claudette Brodie, Ronald Hall, Linda Cadena, Karisa Beacham, Lillie Miranda, and Saundra Mitrovich
Back Row:  Daries Knox, Shannon Bayones, Lamod McFadden


Color Guard


 Above:  Color Guard at TRiO Day