Reactions to SA

  • Emotional Shock
    Feel numb, calm, and can't cry
  • Disbelief
    Did it really happen, why me
  • Embarrassment
    What will people think, I can't tell my family
  • Shame
    I feel dirty, there is something wrong with me, I want to wash my hands all day long
  • Guilt
    I did something to make this happen
  • Depression
    Feel tired and hopeless
  • Powerlessness
    Will I ever feel in control again
  • Disorientation
    Can't sit still, having trouble getting through the day, overwhelmed
  • Retriggering
    Keep having flashbacks
  • Denial
    Wasn't it "just" a rape
  • Fear
    Will I get pregnant or VD, am I safe, will I ever want to be intimate again, will I ever get over this, am I going crazy, I have nightmares
  • Anxiety
    Nervous, trouble breathing, muscle tension, can't sleep, nausea, nightmares, bed wetting
  • Anger
    Want to kill him/her