Cameron American Indian Student Association

CAISA Meeting Minutes

Sept. 18, 2009 

Call the meeting to order and all members were present except for Vice-President.

Discussed Diversity Day activities.

Changing the Club name was brought up since students don’t recongnize CAISA

A club t –shirt was in mind to promote the club. Freda will look into t-shirts once we all have come up with a new name & design of the shirt.

Promoting the club to get more members and advertising fundraisers. Such as putting a bulletin on the Cameron TV channel, KCCU, & the radio show 98.5 (they have an Indian Radio Show on Saturdays).

Charley Shunkamolah was appointed the Fundrasier Organizer.

We are still needing a couple positions to be filled.

Asked members to think of any new names for the club and that will be discussed during the next meeting.

Next meeting is on Sept. 24th @ 3:20pm & 25th @ 3pm. Having the meeting on two days is due to mixed schedules of work, classes, and etc. to accommodate all members.


Meeting September 26, 2009

  1. Call to order.
  2. Diversity Day – October 22, 2009.
    1. Firewalkers can’t attend at this time, maybe later.
    1. Freda Johnson contracted people at Riverdale School in Anadarko.  Can get dancers.  Will try to provide campus tour.
    2. We have a potential sponsor for our princess, will help regalia.
    3. Food presentation.
  1. Name change
    1. Proposed name change
    1. Native American Club
    1. Native Inter-tribal Club.
    2. Christopher Martin hello,
    3. Red- road Inter-tribal Club
    4. Native Red-Road Club
  1. T-shirts
    1. Red shirts- logo on front, slogan on back
    2. Proposed slogan
    1. The pride is back
    1. Walking the Red Road.
  1. Proposed Events
    1. Will schedule movie night and fundraising week before Diversity Day.
    2. Speaker-Native literature, diabetes, nutrition, professional businessman, alcohol programs.
    3. Fundraising collection of snacks and personal hygiene stuff for Riverside.
    4. Storyteller from Riverside.
  1. Next agenda.
    1. Vote on name change.
    2. Decide on t-shirt so can be ready for Diversity day
    3. Possible set up of banner and sticker stating Indian heritage for Diversity Day.
    4. Finalize food lists.
    5. Talk to local businesses and tribes for provide.


October 1, 2009

CAISA Meeting

October 1, 2009

Called the meeting to order

President was not there, Vice President held meeting.

Discussed the food for Diversity Day and getting a $300 voucher for the food needed from Country Mart (provided by Student Development).

      -Jon said he asked someone to help with fry bread and she agreed to help make it on Diversity Day.  Need propane grill, cooking utensils, dishes and etc.

      -Food that will be served on Diversity Day; Fry Bread and Buffalo Green Chili Stew.

      -Move up our slot to around noon.

      -Still need letter to Riverside Indian School. Possibly get Student Development to help.

Freda & Charles are organizing the 1st fundraiser which is a garage sale at the Ft. Sill Post Wide Garage Sale on October 3, 2009. Freda proposed to have another Garage Sale on campus on October 10, 2009. Jon & Chris will be in charge of that fundraiser.

Native Dancer is willing to sponsor our Princess. She needs to contact Lester.

Buffalo Stampede- Freda proposed we get involved and possibly raise $1500 to get a buffalo on campus to be placed at the Bentley Gardens. She will head that project. All members like the idea and agreed to go ahead with it.

Adopt a Spot, Project, or Street is another idea for community outreach to help the city of Lawton.

Club T shirt- Grey will be the color and agreed on two designs.

Movie Night- Sara will look into renting the SAB for our movie night. Dave proposed the movie Dance Me Outside. Everyone agreed. Movie Night will be one week before Diversity Day.

New SGA Rep is going to be Charles. He will attend the meeting every Monday. 




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