Cameron University

CHEM 1361 - General Chemistry I Lab

Monday: 2:30ó4:20

Course Information

Fall 2007

Announcement:† There seems to be plenty of lab books in the bookstore as of today (8/21).† Please make sure you pick up a copy so you can get Prelab #2 done and turned in by August 24.

Also, I forgot about the safety picture and fill in chart on page 18.† Since I didnít say anything about it in lab on Monday, we will skip that page.

CHEM 1361 is the companion lab to the course CHEM 1364óGeneral Chemistry I. One must successfully complete both CHEM 1361 and CHEM 1364 to receive credit in either one.

The General Chemistry I course and lab are typically taken by chemistry, biology, and physics majors, as well as those planning to enter the nursing field. This lab course provides an opportunity for students to apply and reinforce topics learned in lecture, develop a safety awareness in the lab, and learn basic laboratory techniques.

The laboratory meets for two hours per week and students receive 1 hour of credit for this course.

I ask that you enroll in Blackboard (see Blackboard Instructions to the right) as a supplement to this course.† Through this avenue, you will be able to check your grades whenever you want and also will be able to carry on conversations with other classmates.