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CHEM 1364 - General Chemistry I

MTWR 8:00 AM;  Call Number 0881

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Fall 2007

Announcement:  A couple of eagle-eyed students have caught an error on Homework #1.  I have put a revised version in the Fall ‘07 Handouts section of the website—it is still just called HW#1.

CHEM 1364 is the lecture portion of General Chemistry I. One must successfully complete both CHEM 1361 (the laboratory) and CHEM 1364 to receive credit in either one.

The General Chemistry I course and lab are typically taken by chemistry, biology, and physics majors, as well as those planning to enter the nursing field. The course and laboratory may also be counted for general education physical science credit. Prerequisites listed for CHEM 1364/1361 include high school chemistry or an ACT math score of 26 or higher, or CHEM 1004. In addition, one must be eligible for college level math (remediation removed) prior to enrolling in any science course.

Broad topics include measurement, physical and chemical changes, stoichiometry, fundamental solution chemistry, quantum chemistry, molecular geometry and implications, gas laws, and condensed phase characterization.

Though this is not an online course, I will be supplementing course material with some Blackboard components and ask that you enroll in that portion.