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Gary S. Buckley – Professor of Physical Sciences


This is simply a list of a couple of areas, mostly scientific, which I find interesting.  Some of the sites include or include links to interesting pictures or video.



Nanotechnology deals with the manipulation and construction of structures on the molecular scale.  For an idea of scope, a carbon atom has a radius of about 0.08 nanometers (nm), a carbon-carbon bond is typically about 0.15 nm, and structures usually considered to be on the nanoscale are less than 100 nm.


Visualization of Quantum Mechanical Principles

 With the development of quantum mechanics throughout the twentieth century, our atomic level understanding has shifted considerably from the days of the “stick and ball” sort of model.   A challenge in physical science education is being able to contrast the “unnatural”  (compared to our everyday experiences) world of quantum mechanics to our everyday large scale experiences. 





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Dr. Gary S. Buckley

Professor of Physical Sciences

Phone:  580-581-2246



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