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Some words of wisdom to share with your friends

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  1. Tell the truth. Honesty really is the best policy.

  2. Perfect your ability to love. It's the most powerful force in the world.

  3. Pay attention to two-year-olds and puppies. They know what's important

  4. Look at sunsets; smell the flowers; listen to the birds; touch the people 
     you care about; taste life. Everything you need is there for you already.

  5. Take responsibility for meeting your own needs, but don't do it in ways 
     that keep others from meeting theirs.

  6. Forgive yourself and others. We're all doing the best we can to find our way.

  7. Live by your own values. Others may think they know best for you, but 
     you're the one who has to live with the consequences of your actions.

  8. Listen to your body and take care of it. You only get one.

  9. Laugh often and much. This is a sign of success.

10. Hang out with people you like and admire. We tend to imitate those around 
      us if we want to or not.

11. Follow your dream. Life is exciting when you're pursuing your own goals 
      and you can do and have most anything you really want.

12. Learn from your failures and don't be afraid to fail often.

13. Life isn't fair but it isn't unfair either. When things don't seem to be working
      for you, do something. Movement is the key to change.

14. Be thankful to God for all you have and all that you are. He loves you more 
      than anyone!!

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