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There are all kinds of movies and video productions.  There are the old 8mm and super 8 films that grandma and grandpa pull out every holiday.  Usually these movies serve to embarrass and/or bore you.  Of course there is also the modern videotape version as well.  These informal stories are shown to our own small circle of family and friends.

At the other end of the spectrum is the high priced feature length Hollywood produced pictures with a cast of thousands.  These movies are made for the masses.

In between these two extreme types of productions lie a great diversity of film/video making.  There are the low budget advant-garde but made for mass consumption pictures.  Also there are corporate productions, usually high budget but made for a limited audience.  And of course there are wedding videos, TV news, comedies, documentaries…

My job is to teach interested and motivated students how to create the kinds of productions they want to do regardless if it is a personal piece, or a low-budget production, or advant-garde, expensive, or fictional, or a wedding, or news, or all of the above.

At Cameron University, our philosophy toward production is to provide students with a combination of hands-on and theoretical experiences.  Also we expect our graduates to be life-long learners  order to adapt and excel using the new types of equipment that appear almost monthly.  So it is not enough just to learn how to use an AVID non-linear editor, Cameron radio/television students learn the theory behind non-linear editing so their skills can be adapted to many kinds of editors. 

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