Why pick Cameron
University for your
Broadcast Production

Choosing a college or university is just as important as deciding what it is you want to learn.  As you decide where you want to go consider the following:

What kinds of things will I learn?
At some colleges and universities, you will receive a lot of concepts and theories but seldom get to touch the equipment.  Cameron recognizes the importance of teaching concepts and then having you implement the ideas using the equipment in actual hands-on production. Our courses are designed to meet "real world" goals of getting you ready for a career in broadcasting or other media related jobs  At Cameron, you will be exposed to many areas of broadcasting.  Then you can use your electives to decide areas where you wish to concentrate.

Cameron's R/TV classes are kept small and the professors know you by name and not by number.  You will have access to equipment and opportunities to create your own projects.

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