Please check the University catalog for a complete listing of radio and television production courses.   

RTV 2313 Basic Television Production

Course Description: An Introduction to the basic principles, procedures, and techniques of television production.  The course includes video control, special effects, operation of cameras and editing machines, composition, lighting, staging,
and directing, on-camera announcing and interviewing.
Note: This is strictly a studio production course with four projects to be completed by the student.

RTV 3323 Field Production and Editing

Course Description: Advanced techniques in field production for commercial and industrial television.  Emphasis will be given to pre- and post- production stages, as well as training for independent assignments and "electronic news gathering."
Note: This is strictly a single camera production course with six projects to be completed by the student.  Each student will be required to edit projects using both linear taped based and non-linear computer based methods such as the AVID.
Prerequisite: Basic TV Production.

RTV 3991 Broadcast Lab

Course Description: Preparation for and participation in all phases of radio and television; may be repeated.
Note:  students usually work on the weekly newscast and are required to produce a news story for each news cast.  Prerequisite: Department permission.

RTV 4333 Corporate Video

Course Description: theory and uses of video in business and industry including writing, planning, and production, as well as television programs for instructional and corporate applications.
Note: Student is required to select a subject, create a pitch for potential clients, budget, script, shooting schedule and actually produce a video product. Prerequisite: Basic Television Production is required and Field Production is recommended

RTV 4343 Graphics for Video Production

An examination of the principles, procedures, and techniques used in creating graphics for video production.  While special emphasis is placed on graphics creation for the television medium, students will explore the use of graphics for non-broadcast applications such as distance or adaptive learning.
Note: Students will create graphics for three projects using a combination of the Genie Plus, the Avid and other forms of graphics construction.  Prerequisites: Basic Television Production and TV Field Production and Editing.

COMM 4993 Producing the Documentary

Students will participate in the production of a documentary.  The course will function as a team process, each student participating in one or many aspects of the production.  The final production will be critiqued by "clients."  Student will receive this feedback. Prerequisite: Department permission.

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