RTV 2213

Fall 2004

Tue-Thurs 9:30-10:45 (plus arranged lab time)

Text: Modern Radio Production, 6th Edition, by O'Donnell-Benoit-Hausman;

Catalog Description: Tools and techniques of audio recording and radio station operation.

Instructor: Steve Adams


Office: Comm 103, 581-2477

Office Hours: 9:00-9:30, Tue & Thur; 10:00-11:00 Mon, Wed, Fri; 2:00-4:00 Mon, Wed, Thur

Objectives of Course: At the conclusion of the course the student should be able to:

Exhibit fundamental use of radio production equipment

Use computer applications in radio production

Write basic news and commercials in broadcast style

Gain basic on-air experience by performing projects in real life scenarios

Understand terminology used in radio production

Analyze the on-air performance of individual announcers and stations through the writing of a short paper.

Materials Required: You will need to purchase two MiniDiscs for your projects. MiniDisks can be purchased at KCCU for about $4.00 each. Or purchase them at audio stores (Radio Shack) or student union. Go ahead and purchase a cassette to save your projects for your personal use.

Graded Assignments: Project 1 Air Check 100 pts.

Project 2 Editing 50 pts.

Project 3 Commercials 100 pts.

Project 4 Comm. Campaign 100 pts.

Project 5 News Story 100 pts.

Project 6 Final Air check 200 pts.

Written Paper 50 pts

LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ASSESSED A 20% PENALTY! Late work will only be accepted up to one week after the due date!

Exam 1 Thur. Sept. 23 100 pts.

Exam 2 Thur. Oct. 28 100 pts.

Exam 3 Fri, Dec 17, 8:30 a.m. . 100 pts.


Any exam which is missed will be assessed a 20% penalty unless arrangements are made with the instructor in advance of the exam. Any missed exam must be made up within one week of the exam date


Attendance: You cannot learn this material if you are not in class. Students missing more than six (6) class periods will not receive a passing grade and will be advised to drop the course. Class begins at 9:30. You are expected to be here at that time.

Grading Scale: A = 90-100%

B = 80-89%

C = 70-79%

D = 65-69%

F = Below 65%

Written Paper: Students will be required to write a short (2-3 typewritten pages) paper on the production values of one local radio station. This will include, but is not limited to, announcers'

presentation (what they say, how they say it), news presentation, commercial writing and production, remote presentations and other areas which will be discussed in class.

The paper will be due Thursday, Dec. 2nd. Students may complete this assignment anytime before the Dec. 2nd date. However, some aspects of the above criteria will not be covered until later in the semester.

Class Decorum: Students causing distractions in class will be required to leave. Distractions include, but are not limited to eating, drinking, talking to others or being disrespectful. If you are required to leave class you must see the instructor before returning to the class. Being required to leave class will count as one absence.

Be sure to turn off cell phones before class begins.




Aug. 24 Intro to course Nov. 2 News

26 Consoles 4 Project 5

31 Work in labs 9 Plugs & connectors

Sept. 2 in groups 11 Remotes

7 Project 1 16 Remotes

9 Microphones & recorders 18 Project 6

14 Computer editing 23 Satellites & automation

16 Computer editing 25 THANKSGIVING

21 Project 2 30 ???

23 EXAM ONE Dec. 2 Radio programming

28 Commercials 7 Music programming

30 Commercials 9 Shock radio

Oct. 5 Project 3

7 Computer production FINAL EXAM:

Friday, Dec. 17, 8:30-10:00

12 Computer production

14 Studio design

19 Project 4


26 News