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Aggie Registration

Attention all Cameron University students!

You will soon have the ability to self-enroll through AggieAccess beginning with the Summer and Fall 2016 semesters.

What is Aggie Registration?

Aggie Registration is a convenient and flexible method that will allow you to process your own enrollment.  You can access Aggie Registration anytime or anywhere by logging in to AggieAccess.

Steps for Aggie Registration:

  • Before registering for classes, you must see your academic advisor to select classes for the upcoming semester.
  • Your academic advisor will issue an Alternate PIN that will be required in Aggie Registration.
  • To access Aggie Registration, log in to your AggieAccess account, go to My Info and select Add/Drop under Aggie Registration.
  • Enter courses from your advisor-approved schedule.
  • Check DegreeWorks to verify that the courses apply correctly to your degree audit.

If you are required to enroll through the Academic Advisement Center, the Student Support Services Office or you are a concurrent high school student, your enrollment will be processed by your academic advisor.  You will have access to Aggie Registration once you transition into the academic department.