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ITS Work Order Priorities

Sometimes, when dealing with computer-related issues or problems, the situation can get quite frustrating.  We understand how this feels.  Frequently, staff members across campus ask us about the priority system we employ when we set up work orders for issues and problems you encounter.  It is our hope that this post may help give a little more understanding as to why we assign the priorities the way we do.  

Passwords: 4 Easy Ways to Change your CU Password

Cameron University institutes a policy to have employees and students reset their password every 90 days. For some people, this can be a stressful annoyance, but thankfully, Cameron offers several ways in which you can update and reset your password.

Cameron ITS: Now on Twitter

Cameron ITS has set up its very own Twitter account, where we can send you alerts about system status updates and notifications. Network problems in your area? Can't access your U:\ drive? Is e-mail down? Use our Twitter account to learn of unplanned outages, interruptions, or important tech notifications.

Aggie Pass: The Self-Service Password Reset Tool - June 19, 2012

ITS offers a self-service tool that we call Aggie Pass, which our faculty and staff users can access to reset passwords, unlock accounts, and set up security questions for their accounts. Be sure to sign up for this service!

Price Estimates - June 19, 2012
ITS offers the service of providing price quotes to our campus departments, and at the link below, you will find a list of common items requested, accompanied with a typical average price estimate. Please note, these are estimates only, are subject to


Computer Replacement Procedure - June 19, 2012
Cameron University has developed a computer replacement procedure for replacement of student labs, faculty and staff computers. The primary goals of the computer replacement policy are to implement a regular replacement cycle for student labs, faculty and staff computers, to provide users access to reasonably up-to-date equipment, to ease the support burden associated with troubleshooting and maintaining outdated or out-of-warranty equipment, and to support accurate budgeting for computer purchases


ITS Price Quotes - June 05, 2012
ITS Help Desk offers the service of providing price quotes for tech hardware and software to our departments on campus. The ITS web site now has a new web form to make requests for price quotes easier and quicker, where you can make a request for your department's computing needs...


ITS Help Desk Online - May 08, 2012
Our Help Desk has always had an online presence within the ITS web site, but now it has been updated, consolidated, and improved.  Now, all in one location, view resources for Students or Employees, enter in a Work Order request, and more...


iCameron Mobile App - May 08, 2012
iCameron is your on-the-go Cameron connection, and is available Now for Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  You can download for free at your mobile device's app store by searching iCameron or following the link below... (580) 581-2454
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iCameron App Quick Links: Planned Outages

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