Frequently Asked Questions

When may I move in?

All new residents move in August 17th from 9am to 4pm and All returning residents move in August 18th from 9am to 4pm


    Can I move in early?

    There are no early move-ins. The residence hall do not open until August 17th at 9am. Please consult local hotel for accommodations prior to August 17th.

      Where do I go on Move-In Day?

      Go to the Student Housing office located in the Cameron Village McMahon Center. The best parking is at the corner of University Dr. and D Avenue. Student Housing is directly south of that lot. You will sign paperwork and pick up your keys in Student Housing and then directed to your respective residence hall.


        What happens if I can't make my move in time?

        Please make arrangements with Student Housing by August 14th if you will be coming in after the scheduled move in day.


          What's in my room?

          Please see the Housing Options of our website for current details.


            How should I pack?

            It's a good idea to mark all belongings with your name, room number, and residence hall.  Be sure to have all small items boxed for easy transfer.  There is no storage available in the residential buildings, so items should be packed in cardboard boxes that can be recycled, or in soft, foldable luggage that can be easily stored in a closet or under a bed. Stackable crates and organizers that fit under the bed can also work well.

              May I bring my own fridge or microwave?

              Residents that live in North and South Shepler are allowed to bring a microwave and a mini fridge. If you have a roommate only one microwave and mini fridge is allowed in your room. Cameron Village residents are not allowed to bring mini fridges and microwaves because that is already provided in each apartment.

                How do I get an ID?

                ID’s may be purchased at the One Stop Shop located on the bottom floor of the McMahon Centennial Complex across from the bookstore.

                  Do I have to have a meal plan?

                  All residents are currently required to have a meal plan to live on campus. Shepler residents have the option of the 15, 10, and 8 Flex Plan while Cameron Village residents can pick from the 15, 10, or 8 as well as a 5 and 3 Flex Plan.

                    How do I get my meals and when do they start?

                    Meal plans will begin Friday, August 17th. Each meal consists of a certain amount of meal swipes per week and a certain amount of flex cash per semester. Meal swipes can be used in the Shepler Cafeteria. Flex cash can be used as “cash” to pay for meals in the Shepler Cafeteria or on a variety of items in the McMahon Centennial Complex.

                    What should I expect after I move in?

                    Welcome weekend consists of a weekend full of events starting Friday evening at dinner. Check out our welcome weekend link to see the schedule of events. 

                    Are there staff members who live on campus?

                    Student Housing staff including the Pro-Staff and Resident Assistant student staff live on campus in order to provide a good experience for our residents.

                    Is the $200 deposit part of the $600 payment?

                    The $200 deposit saves your space for the upcoming semester. The $600 is a separate required payment toward your semester balance. An exemption may be made for those using scholarships or other financial aid to pay for the housing balance. Documentation will be required.

                    Can I have a pet?

                    The only pets allowed without approval are non-predatory fish in a 10 gallon tank. Please contact Student Housing for approval for Emotional Support Animals

                    Where can I park? How do I get a parking permit?

                    You will receive your free parking permit when you check in on moving day.

                    Cameron Village residents must park in the gated lot to the east of the Village off of SW 27th street. Shepler residents may park in the lot to the South of South Shepler and the lot to the west of the towers both off of Dr. Elsie Hamm Dr.

                    How does laundry work?

                    Unlimited laundry is included in your housing fees. For Shepler residents there is a laundry facility on the first floor of South Shepler. You must slide your id to get access. In the Village laundry facilities are located on the second and third floor of each building.

                    How do I pay for housing, where do I pay?

                    Payments can be made at the One Stop Shop located on the bottom floor of the McMahon Centennial Complex across from the bookstore, or you can call the cashiers at 580-581-2227. While you can make payments online through your Aggie Access, all online payments go towards tuition and fees first, therefore, if you have a tuition balance, we advise against making housing payments online.

                    How do I get mail?

                    Cameron Village residents will be assigned a mailbox in the McMahon Center of Cameron Village. North and South Shepler resident will be assigned a mailbox in the Shepler Center Mezzanine.

                    Each resident’s address will be as follows:

                    Student’s Name
                    502 SW University Drive
                    Lawton, OK 73505

                    All mail is delivered to the McMahon Learning Center and distributed to individual mail boxes on the east side of the McMahon Learning Center for Village residents and to the mailboxes in the Shepler Mezzanine for North and South Shepler residents. If a package is delivered a slip will be put in your mail box when it arrives. You must bring this slip to the main office in the McMahon Learning Center.

                    Does Cameron have high speed internet?

                    Yes. Cameron’s network speeds can reach in excess of 300Mbps, but the speed varies depending on the number of users logged in at any one time.

                    How do I connect to Cameron's network?

                    Across campus you can use one of two wireless networks available, “CU Guest” and “CU Wireless Network”. “CU Guest” is an open, unsecured network that does not require a log in. “CU Wireless Network” is our primary network for students, when you connect you will be redirected to a log in page. You can use your Cameron username and password to log in.

                    Do the Village and Shepler residence halls have wifi?

                    Yes and no. If you have a strong signal, use it. But for most student housing we have provided a high-speed data port in each room. They are on the wall and generally have blue connectors, phone ports are generally white

                    What do I connect to the wall port?

                    The best method is to connect your own wireless router to the port, then you can have your own personal wireless network.

                    How do I connect my router to the wall port?

                    To connect your router, be sure that the WAN (Internet port) on the router is connected to the wall port.  If there are network issues and a router is being used, disconnect the router and connect directly to the wall to see if a network connection is available.  Newer routers have cables with yellow ends that connect to yellow ports on the router and the other end connects to the blue port on the wall. 

                    Is there a specifically recommended wireless router?

                    No, but we do not recommend NetGear brand routers. 

                    Is there any more information about Cameron's network?

                    Yes, go to for more detailed information. 

                    Can I get help?

                    Absolutely, you can contact Student Housing at 580.580.2392 or visit Cameron Village McMahon Center, room 111.  Cameron Aggie Tech Support also provides help, to contact you can email or call 580.581.2454.

                    Housing Contact Information

                    McMahon Center, Room 111
                    502 SW University Dr.
                    Lawton, OK 73505
                    8am-5pm (580) 581-2392
                    5pm-8am Village- 580-483-3577
                                    North- 580-483-8326
                                    South- 580-483-8829
                    Office Hours: M-F 8am-8pm

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                    The Office of Student Housing serves its residents by providing a quality living-learning environment that supports the educational and academic mission of Cameron University. We work to foster an environment that promotes inclusion, involvement and responsibility.